[CotI] CotI/TravellerRPG.com News July 2011

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Sat Jul 2 00:57:44 EDT 2011

We have updated and improved the Classic Traveller CDROM to repair 
various defective files, fix missing pages, and generally make it 
better. If you acquired the Classic Traveller CDROM before January 1, 
2011, we have the replacement disk available for $7 including shipping 
(just the disk; discard your old disk and insert this one in the case).

There's an order point here: www.farfuture.net/CTCDROM.htm

And we are pleased to announce the upcoming publication of the 
Traveller4 CDROM (ships on or before Aug 31) (more likely July 31). In 
addition to the existing T4 titles, it will include the previously 
unpublished Aliens I manuscript (which ready for publication when 
Imperium Games closed down).

Finally, we'll be following up with news (mid July) about more Dark 
Conspiracy from Three Hombres, a short story from Matthew Carson for 
TNE, and other titles upcoming.


Marc Miller

Far Future Enterprises/ Heartland Publishing

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