[CotI] The FFE End Of The Year Sale!

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Tue Dec 25 22:52:46 EST 2012


We’re having a year-end sale on the entire range of GDW CDROMs: 25% off
every CDROM in our line— Here’s how we do it…

We rebate every order 25%.

Order one CDROM at $35, we refund through Paypal $8.75.

Order two CDROMs for $70, we refund $17.50.

Order three CDROMs, we refund $26.25.

Order four CDROMs, we refund $35.00.

This sale continues through about 3 am January 1, 2013.


OR, you can get any individual title for 25% off throughDriveThruRPG.

We invite you to take advantage of this special and round out your product
catalog in your favorite product lines!

Hit our link at DrivethruRPG


Above all, we hope your Christmas has been merry and that your New Year
will be happy.


Far Future Enterprises

Marc Miller
FFE / Heartland Publishing
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