[CotI] Fellow Travellers! This has been a wonderful journey, but it has only just begun (Wrap Up)

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[this Kickstarter Project for Traveller5 is nearly complete. It ends Sunday
Noon, CDT]



Fellow Travellers! This has been a wonderful journey, but it has only just


First, Thank You. Your support means the world to me; I think that the
community of players and referees that enjoy and promote Traveller are the
best gamers in the world/ galaxy/ universe. Thanks to Backing from all of
you, we have exceeded all expectations, AND broken the Kickstarter record
for a print role-playing game [see below]. Now we have become the target
that others will strive for. Thank you to all of you.


Second, the Survey. We'll launch a survey that gathers your contact and
shipping information, and your preferences, sizes, and choices for the
various rewards that are coming your way. 


Third, we have only just begun. The Core Traveller5 Hardcover is filled with
rules and concepts and information about the universes of the far future.
Open the book and you can start playing Traveller adventures immediately,
just as you always have: create characters, build ships, generate worlds.


We're working on support material: the Players' Book, the Game Screen, Deck
Plans. It's coming in early-to-mid 2013. We'll make announcements along the


But there is so much more. Remember (some of you, at least) how the Ancients
played out in Classic Traveller? From hints to clues to library data entries
to encounters to adventures, we finally unraveled the Secret of the


Integral with the creation of Traveller5 has been the construction of the
Galaxiad. a multi season epic adventure exploring the Galaxy, encountering
new intelligences (and even that word is misleading), history, background,
dangers, and threats, all with your characters at the center.


All that you've seen in Traveller is a mere prelude to a future you cannot
yet imagine.


Be patient, because the Galaxiad is going to tell you things about the
universe that have always been there, behind the scenes, driving events and
vital encounters, moving history forward. We'll keep you updated as we
progress. And like everything in Traveller, it will be fun. 





This chronicle of Kickstarter Print RPG records may be incomplete or mildly

Far West set the record at $49,324 August 28, 2011.

Deadlands Noir set the record at $117,648 June 14, 2012.

Rappan Athuk set an interim record of $117,649 June 15, 2012.

Traveller5 grabbed the record title around June 20, and has held it since.
As of Midnight June 30, the number stands at $272,463, 1941 Backers.


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