[CotI] Traveller5 Kickstarter Project Sets The Record!

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Tue Jul 3 23:59:20 EDT 2012

I want to thank all of you who have responded so supportively to the
Traveller5 Kickstarter Project. It was your support that comfortably
established Traveller5 as Kickstarter's record-setting print RPG project.
And by "comfortably" I mean that we beat the previous record holder
(Deadlands Noir set the previous record at $117,648 June 14, 2012) by more
than double! 


To the 2,085 of you who backed this project, I very sincerely thank you.
There is more information coming in the next couple weeks as we move toward
filling all our promises.


To those who missed out, there's still time. Email us at farfuture at gmail.com
with the subject line Retroactive Kickstarter along with the Pledge Level
and Options you want and we'll sign you up too!


There are a great many Kickstarter projects that are worthy of our support,
and I want to direct you to two of them. Click on the links and take a look?


Fat Cat Far Trader Print Edition, with Traveller5 Stats.




City of the Gods Guardian illustrated fantasy novel by Steve Crompton


(Steve Crompton was an artist on MegaTraveller once-upon-a-time).





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