[CotI] Fellow Traveller, I need your help!

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Fellow Traveller, I need your help.




As some of you may know, I have been working diligently on the Fifth Edition
of Traveller, and we have reached a point where it should be published to a
wider audience: 



Traveller5. The ultimate edition. More than 600 pages of detailed Traveller
rules in a quality hardcover book. In fact, it's the Traveller rules set "I"
have always wanted. There is a chapter outline here: www.traveller5.net.


We're using Kickstarter to get this project to completion, and you can help.
We have met our base funding goal (Thanks to everyone!), and now we're
trying for some Stretch Goals, like Scout Ship Deck Plans, Knighthoods (and
a credit card size ID Card), a Player's Book, and more. (See the details at
the end of this email). If we can meet our Stretch Goals, we can add them in
to the Project.


Please visit our Kickstarter project and consider backing us.




This whole Kickstarter project is about you. our Backers. pre-ordering the
idea of the next edition of Traveller. All of you are pledging because you
believe in this project. that's a heavy responsibility for us to shoulder.
But we're up to it, and you will get a lot out of it.


In addition to the basic rewards: being part of the launch of the next
edition, we are producing some great swag as rewards and appreciations.


Some of the Swag is electronic. Inexpensive to deliver, but nevertheless
carefully crafted. Jesse DeGraff's ship pictures make wonderful wallpapers.


Some of the Swag is tangible: Traveller Dice, for example. 


And some of it will only be possible if we can recruit enough backers to
reach economies of scale to justify it. 


Visit us at www.traveller5.net <http://www.traveller5.net/>  for more
information and links to our Kickstarter project.


You can always go directly to Kickstarter and look up Traveller5, but the
link is easier.



Marc Miller



(and please forward this to your gamer friends?)




Our Stretch Goals:


When we reach $100,000, we'll be able to create a deck plan sheet and guide
to the Scout Courier. We'll have an artist draft a 17x22 inch deck plan
(half-inch deck squares) of an Imperial Scout. In addition, he'll do several
interior views of the ship (stateroom, central corridor, bridge, drive room,
common room, and some others). Then we'll surround it with descriptive text
and print the whole thing on a 23 x 35 inch sheet (both sides). It folds to
8.5 x 11 and fits nicely with the T5 book. We have hopes of doing several of
these Folios about Traveller's classic starships: the Beowulf, the Close
Escort. And we'll include it with each T5 book shipped.


When we reach 2,000 books, we will be able to add a Knighthood every book.
There are 9074 worlds in the Imperium and each Knighthood will be randomly
associated with a world. Since a Baron or a Marquis or a Count or a Duke
should also be a Knight, the Knighthood will also be added to the Noble
editions as well. 


When we reach 1500 Backers, we'll produce a Players' Book: a subset of the
Core rules tailored for use by Players but without the (primarily) Referee's
rules. We expect to produce a printed version in Spring 2013, every Backer
who orders a Book will receive a link to an Ebook version when it is



We will also be posting available options by the end of the week (by June
8): T-shirts, a second book with your order, dice, an option for the CDROM
on a Jump Drive instead, and more.


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