[CotI] Fellow Travellers! I still need your help!

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Fri Jun 15 13:16:12 EDT 2012

Fellow Travellers! I still need your help!


We have hit our base goal (and rocketed past it) for the Traveller5
Kickstarter Project. 

We have set (and reached) a Stretch Goal that let us add Deck Plans for a
Scout/Courier, and then we set (and reached) another one that adds Deck
Plans for a Beowulf. 


Now we are working on a Stretch Goal that will add Color Starship Images (by
Jesse DeGraff) to the T5 Core rules book. Plus, some Stretchier Goals that
will produce a Player's Book for T5 and will provide a Knighthood with every


If you are a Backer, thank you. Indeed, thank you.


If you haven't yet Backed this project, this is your chance to support
bringing the Traveller game system back in its ultimate edition. For more
information about Traveller5, there is a chapter overview and rules summary
at www.traveller5.net <http://www.traveller5.net/>  with a link to the


You can go to our project at:




I am asking you to come visit our site and consider Backing us.


And I thank you for your support, now, and over the years.




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