[CotI] Fellow Travellers, Thanks For Your Help!

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Fri Jun 22 12:41:27 EDT 2012

To those of you who have looked at our Traveller5 Kickstarter. Thank you.

If you haven't yet, we have some great Swag in addition to the base Core
Rules Hardcover.




There are deck plans, CDROM, wallpapers, and more. 


This project ends in 9 days (noon, July 1). 


Fellow Traveller, I need your help.


I am sending you this because you are a member of the Traveller5 Beta and
have the T5 CDROM.

When the T5 CDROM is released (at the end of the year), each of the T5 Beta
participants will get the final version. I hope that each of you will
participate in the Kickstarter T5 program, but whether you do or not, each
will receive the updated CDROM (and some neat stuff in addition).




As some of you may know, I have been working diligently on the Fifth Edition
of Traveller, and we have reached a point where it should be published to a
wider audience. 


Traveller5. The ultimate edition. More than 600 pages of detailed Traveller
rules in a quality hardcover book. In fact, it's the Traveller rules set "I"
have always wanted.


Visit our Kickstarter project and please consider backing us.




This whole Kickstarter project is about you. our backers. pre-ordering the
idea of the next edition of Traveller. All of you are pledging because you
believe in this project. that's a heavy responsibility for us to shoulder.
But we're up to it, and you will get a lot out of it.



Visit us at www.traveller5.net <http://www.traveller5.net/>  for more
information and links to our Kickstarter project.


You can always go directly to Kickstarter and look up Traveller5, but the
link is easier.



Marc Miller



(and please forwards this to your gamer friends?)




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