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If you already Back the Traveller5 Kickstarter Project, this is interesting

If you have not Backed the Project, this is interesting information too.




The Wall Of Heroes. $25 Pledge Level (and everyone at every level higher)


I want to talk at some length about the Wall Of Heroes. 

I have supported several Kickstarter projects over the last two years. One
was a documentary and my name went in the credits. Another was a play and my
name went in the program. I just looked at a project that offered: "You'll
have your name proudly displayed on the <Insert-Name-Here> website
"Supporters" page. Thank You, every bit counts!" Ogre is going to print all
5,000 Backer names on the back of their game box.

I wanted to do something that was more part of the game. Here's the
description of the Wall Of Heroes on Kickstarter.




> Your support is recognized with your name on the Galaxiad Wall Of Heroes.
Your name is laser-carved [in letters 20-feet high] on the Alabaster Cliffs
overlooking the Sea of Mists on Ekalpemos (Pliabriebl 0411) after the
crucial Battle of Shadows against the Black Fleets. Once the cliffs have
been carved, you'll get a link. We call this Swag Silver; you will also get
Swag Bronze. <

Originally, I figured we would create a web page for the names, commission
an illustration of the Alabaster Cliffs, and ultimately the mission of
carving the cliffs would be an episode in the upcoming Galaxiad Traveller5

The Andrew Boulton and Michael Dodd stepped forward with  a truly tremendous
idea. They proposed that we actually find that world Ekalpemos, send a ship
there, and carve the names for real. We looked up the world on
www.travellermap.com, and sure enough, there it was. Next, they wanted more
than just a list of names on a web page; they wanted to record the event on


I have seen the rough cut: Scout Courier Murphy exits jump in the Ekalpemos
system; as it approaches the mainworld, a brief storyline scrolls over the
screen. Then the Scout descends, approaches the massive mile-high cliffs,
and begins its mission. For days, its single laser carves name after name,
crew after crew, column after column, preserving for near-eternity the names
of the heroes of the Battle of Shadows.


If you are a Backer at the $25 level or more, then YOUR name is carved on
that wall. Once the project is complete, we'll post the video on the web
page; if it can fit, we'll put it on the CDROM; and we'll put it on YouTube.


It may be that we'll need to serialize the video  (The Carving Of The
Alabaster Cliffs A-F, The Carving of the Alabaster Cliffs G-S, etc) so no
one has to sit through hundreds of names before their own comes up. 


The situation itself is already scripted into our far-reaching adventure
epic that uses the many and varied rules from T5 to do some amazing things.
The entire list will be included in that adventure, along with some nice


A recent comment on the Project site said: "So it's going on a web page
which will fall off the face of the world into the waybackmachine.org after
a few years?" 


I think we're going the extra parsec to make this last longer.




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