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Of The Beginning. 


This Traveller5 Kickstarter Project (it ends at noon CDT Sunday July 1)
shows just how much Traveller means to so many people. I'll paraphrase from
Henry V:


There are players who, months and years from now, will kick themselves
because THEY were not part of this history-making project. Their friends,
those who ARE participating, call tell stories of the swag they got, the
nobilities, the TAS cards, and the fact that their names are laser-carved on
the Wall Of Heroes some 400 parsecs from here.


And it takes so little: $1 gets you basic bragging rights. $25 gets your
name carved on the Alabaster Cliffs, and with it a place in an episode of
the upcoming Galaxiad epic story of the Far Far Future.


We invite you to Back us on Kickstarter. Your $100 pledge gets the 600-page
Hardcover Core Rules filled with the ultimate edition of Traveller. You can
pledge more and get more, but we accept any Backing, any Pledge.


This is your chance to be part of this history-making Project. 




And this is only the beginning, because we're already at work on the
Galaxiad: a showcase epic adventure that uses all of the rules in Traveller5
to tell he story of a precious few heroes who risk life and limb and fortune
against threats to the very existence of the universe. 


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