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With the Kickstarter rewards filled to backers, we now have Traveller 5
(CDROM and Hardcover Book) available through our web site. For those of you
who support your FLGS, the book is also in distribution to your local store
(and if they don’t have it, tell them you want it and they can order it.

http://www.traveller5.net/T5 Sell Sheet


*But There’s More! *We’re following up tomorrow with a separate email just
about T5 (well, maybe some other stuff too).

*Kickstarter. *We sent out an email about June 30, and we want to repeat it
here: If you have not received your *Traveller5 Kickstarter* rewards,
please tell us: you rname, email, and anything else you think is important.
Email us at: problem at farfuture.net. We’ll get back to you right away.

For that matter, if you have an order outstanding, please tell us. We want
to fix it.


We have our continuing 443 sale. Buy 4 CDROMs and you get them for the
price of 3 (you pay full price at our site; we rebate the $35 for the 4th
CDROM when we fill the order).


*The Fate of the Kinunir*

FFE just released our first novel in our SF series, *Fate of the
Kinunir*by veteran SF/fantasy author Robert E. Vardeman, to be
followed by books by
Martin J. Dougherty, Erik Scott de Bie, Pete Rogan, Tim Waggoner, and
Darrin Drader. We're planning on nearly a dozen books by this time next


*Traveller Dice*

I can’t say I was surprised by the response to Traveller Dice: I always
liked the original half-inch Traveller Dice that came out in 1980. Most
people are saying the new dice are much better: molded numbers rather than
pad printed. Great colors. We have a Traveller Dice order point here:


not only our dice, but the original half-inch dice (through Noble Knight
Games) and even solid Aluminum 19mm dice (through a machine shop in

*Chuck Gannon’s next novel*

*Trial By Fire*. Out in early 2014. We’re having a great time talking with
Chuck Gannon; we’d like him to do some Traveller novels but he’s very busy.
Meanwhile, we do have this project with him.


*Our Guides*

We have a great set of guides to our role-playing game systems, filled with
list and information.


and a new one: a guide with clickable links to our offerings at

www.farfuture.net/Guide To GDW DTRPG

*And Finally*

Our chance to send our own personal scouts into space.

Marc Miller
FFE / Heartland Publishing
questions, comments, and unsubs: please email me at admin at farfuture.net
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