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News and Updates from Traveller and Far Future Enterprises

* *Traveller5.* The fabled 5th Edition of *Traveller* as Hardcover and


* Greg Lee’s *Cirque:* Run Away with the Circus through the Spinward


* Chuck Gannon’s *Fire With Fire. *


* ProFantasy’s *Cosmographer.*


* Traveller Spinward Marches –Maps For Explorers And Merchants (

** Traveller5 Beta Project.* If you bought the T5 Beta CDROM, email us
about your update disk (update at traveller5.net).

*- - - - - - -*  *- - - - - - -*

*Here's our March Traveller update.* We are the designers, producers, and
publishers of award-winning role-playing games like *Traveller*, *2300 AD,*
*Twilight: 2000*, and *Dark Conspiracy*. There is a wealth of information
about these games on our site at www.farfuture.net with functioning links.

*- - - - - - -*

*Traveller5.* Kickstarter backers are receiving their rewards all through
the month of March. If you missed the T5 Kickstarter, you can still get in
on the first shipments of the *Traveller5 Hardcover* 656-page core Rules,
or the *T5 CDROM*, or both here: http://www.traveller5.net/OrderT5.html

 *- - - - - - -*

*Greg Lee’s Cirque*

Come one, come all to the Greatest Show in Space, the Greatest Show to ever
touch down in your sweet little corner of the Marches, the show that will
make you laugh and cry, stomp and cheer! Come to Cirque des Sirkas, and
thrill at the death-defying aerial acts!  Watch lian prance and miniphants
tease you with tricks of their trunks! Watch Aslan warriors dance with
their swords! Laugh with the clowns and shiver as the Barbarian Princess
lands her knives a millimeter away from her assistant’s skin!

There’s more at the Cirque Kickstarter page:

*- - - - - - -*

 Writer Chuck Gannon was instrumental in shaping the *Traveller: New
Era*milieu (except for virus). In the years since, he has established
as a strong imaginative writer. The start of his new series (first title: *Fire
with Fire*) comes out in April (and we’ll have more as it gets closer).
Meanwhile, look at this pre-publication synopsis:

*- - - - - - -*

 *Our continuing 443 offer. *Order four CD-ROMS and we’ll rebate the cost
of one; you get four for the price of three. www.farfuture.net

 *- - - - - - -*

http://www.13mann.com/index.php/en/webshop-en/product/view/4/75) is a
helpful tool for all Travellers, as it consists of not one, but two giant
(38.5" x 26.7") maps of the Spinward Marches and can basically cover your
whole gaming table. Aside from being beautiful, adding atmosphere and
providing basic information on jump routes and worlds (including the UWP
and world information icons) the maps also provide vital trade information
at one glance: trade codes and popular trade routes are printed right on
the map, so you will never need to search for the nearest high population,
non-agricultural world to drop off your food crates before they expire

The map is laminated on both sides, protecting it from splashes. And this
isn't the last map you'll be seeing from 13Mann! Tell us what map you'd
like to see next and send us an Email or leave us a comment on Facebook (

You can order the maps directly from 13Mann, but beware of the
international shipping: 13Mann is working hard to find ways around this
problem, and is in talks with amazon.com and other online shops to provide
a satisfying solution for Traveller fans all over the world. Meanwhile, you
can help by spreading the word and linking to the product's site at
13Mann's. You can also visit us on Facebook and leave a comment.

*- - - - - - -*

*Cosmographer 3* works with *Traveller* roleplaying game and comes with
numerous templates and examples for your mapping needs in the universe of
the Third Imperium and other Traveller settings: *Starship Deckplans*
*Galactic Maps* *Sector and Subsector Maps* *World Maps*

You can order *Cosmographer 3* from the Pro-Fantasy site. Don't forget that
you also need Campaign Cartographer 3, if you don't already own it.


 You can also find FFE’s line of Traveller and other titles
(*Traveller5*will go up in May) at DriveThruRPG.com.


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