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(I am forwarding this piece about Greg Lee's Traveller5 Adventure project
because I think its a great idea. Some of you may remember Greg as the Lee
in Lee's Guide to Adventure from GameLords). Marc

Cirque:  Backers Needed!****


** **

I need your help.****

As planned, Cirque will cost what I have sought to produce and get to
physical markets.  I could do it with less money and just sell it online,
but it should be available in game stores, alongside Traveller5.  Getting
it there has become my goal.  I’ve commissioned art, agreed to licensing,
and committed a fair amount of time to this goal.****

The funding is now of the essence.  I am halfway through the Kickstarter
campaign.  I still need over $4,000.00.****

If you’re on this e-mail list, you’ve played Traveller already.  Cirque is
aimed at you, of course – a new campaign in which players can interact,
solve problems, discover wonder, and discover that it’s a wild universe out

Cirque’s ALSO aimed at the potential NEW referee and player.  It contains a
full campaign, down to developed characters.    New referees who want to
dive in have the whole background developed over 35 years on which to draw,
and a complete campaign that crossed the Spinward Marches.****

Cirque includes:****

**-          **A new class of ships with deck plans****

**-          **A Jump-3 Scout Variant with deck plans****

**-          **Discussion and deck plans for “spinning wheel” space
stations based on the Stanford Torus****

**-          **Characters****

**-          **Details on twenty (20) worlds in the Spinward Marches****

**-          **Twenty outlined scenarios with alternatives to fit your

**-          **Discussion on how to integrate Cirque into an existing

In short, a referee requires only three things to run Cirque:  Cirque
itself, an edition of Traveller (preferably T5), and munchies.  The smart
referee will make the PLAYRS provide the munchies.****

So, how can you help?****

Back the project.  Pay a few dollars, or a lot.  The project has Marc
Miller’s support.  Eight long-time referees have already become “Whole Tour
Backers,” one of whom has gone well beyond that.  Most have gone with lower
levels, which is perfectly reasonable – dedicated referees want dedicated
the materials they need.****

Backer rewards begin at $5.00, and go as high as $100.00.  All rewards from
$15.00 up include print copies of the campaign.  Backers at higher rates
get more electronic data to be used, up to and including detailed deck
plans and diagrams of adventure settings.****

I talked to Marc yesterday. He’s already read most of this adventure, and
he wants to see it get into print. So he’s made me the following offer.****

Marc has a hundred spare Membership Cards to the Travellers’ Aid Society
made out to bearer. Each one carries a world UWP from somewhere in the
Imperium. I can give these out to the next 100 Backers who pledge $15 (or
more) or who add $15 to their current Pledge.  What better perk for your
character than to have his (or her, or its) own homeworld with a card to
prove it? Plus the karma of helping get this great campaign published.****

What are you waiting for?  Back Cirque now.  Push T5 beyond the line…or add
the base concepts of Cirque to your existing CT, MgT, GURPS, MT, TNE or T4
campaigns.  The circus is coming to your planet…with a whole lot less
clowning than expected.****


Gregory P. Lee****

Attorney at Law****

** **

gregleelaw at bostonfamilylegal.onmicrosoft.com****

** **


** **

Mailing Address:****

279 South Main Street****

Attleboro, MA 02703****

Marc Miller
FFE / Heartland Publishing
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