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*Nobility Card Corrections*

*Traveller TShirts*

*Pick From 417 Titles On DriveThruRPG*

*Coming In December: Twilight: 2013, Traveller20*

*Kickstarter WrapUp*

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*Nobility Card Corrections.*

Basically, some of the cards did not fully provide what you individually
wanted; so we're making a special run of fixes. There's the full story here:


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*Traveller T-Shirts.*

Many of you have expressed interest in Traveller TShirts, and we have said
in various messages that we would do a special production run of shirts in
the Fall. Now Fall is here, and its time to do just that.

We have set up a Special Order Page for TShirts at


Our choices this time around are:

Traveller5 Referee Shirt

Traveller5 Player Shirt

4518th Lift Infantry Shirt

These shirts are priced with shipping paid in the US, and a minimal
surcharge for shipping to Canada, Europe, Asia, or Australia.

Our goal is to close this off October 31, so we can order and ship by
November 30.

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*Pick From 417 Titles:*

*Traveller, Twilight: 2000, 2300 AD, Dark Conspiracy, and more!*

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We have one of the largest collections of role-playing materials available
through *DriveThruRPG*: so large (417 titles) in fact, that it’s hard to
know exactly what you want or where to find it. Now, we have made it easier
than ever with our *Official Guides*: a single comprehensive list of the
titles in our collections and overviews of the game systems.


Coverage Includes:

•   2300 AD

•   Challenge Magazine

•   Classic Traveller

•   FASA, GameLords, Judges Guild, and Paranoia Press Traveller

•   MegaTraveller

•   Traveller: the New Era

•   Traveller 4th edition

•   German Traveller

•   Spanish Traveller

•   The Journal of the Travellers' Aid Society

•   Challenge Magazine No. 25 through 77

•   Dark Conspiracy both 1st and 2nd editions

•   Twilight: 2000 1st edition

•   Twilight: 2000 2nd edition

•   Twilight: 2013 3rd edition

This guide is hyperlinked and clickable to take you directly to the DTRPG
listing for each item.

*Coming In December: Twilight: 2013, Traveller20*

We are working on several projects including

CDROM of the Traveller20 materials.

CDROM of the Twilight 2013 materials

Decks Plans for Traveller5

A New Traveller Novel from Martin J. Daugherty

And more.

We’ll send you an email when they are ready.


Out of 2000 some backers about a dozen are still problematic: their
shipment has been returned for bad address; a survey has not been
completed, or it the fulfillment was simply wrong. If you are one of these
people, we encourage you to tell us so we can work out the problem and fix
it.  Send us an email at: kickstarter at farfuture.net

We still are working on deck plans, and on our Player Manual. We’ll send
you an email when they are ready.

Marc Miller
FFE / Heartland Publishing
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