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Fellow Travellers! I need your help.

Traveller players constantly tell me they wish there were a Traveller
movie: that they want to see the universe of the Imperium and the far
future brought to the big screen.

Now, we have that chance. D20 Entertainment has a concept for a great
science-fiction story set aboard the interstellar Free Trader Beowulf, as
its crew tries to get past its history of smuggling and piracy and go
straight. The first thing they do is kidnap a cargo broker to advise them.
Their plan goes (naturally) downhill from there.

To make this all happen, we’re running a Kickstarter project, and we invite
you to become a Backer.


If you don’t know what Kickstarter is, email me (marc at farfuture.net), and
I’ll fill you in.

If you are a Traveller player, this is your chance to participate in a
powerful part of the game system.

Even if you aren’t a Traveller player, this is your chance to participate
in a great project.

Thanks for listening.

Marc Miller

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Marc Miller

FFE / Heartland Publishing
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