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*Happy Green Day! *

Today's update brings news of new titles and interesting items from Far
Future Enterprises and Traveller-related things.

We are dabbling in the iPhone ecosystem with an experimental die rolling
app. Traveller5 has a set of standardized die rolls and introduces some new
structures: specifically Flux and Epic Fail and Epic Success.

There's an order link on our website here:


Because these experiments are in the iOS and OSX ecosystems, you'll need to
be using a Mac or iPhone to make it work.

Martin Daugherty's new Traveller novel set in the Solomani Rim: Shadow of
the Storm is at last available in a variety of eBook formats. There is an
order link here:


Don McKinney has pointed out to me that I don't talk enough about the Moot:
our membership discussion boards for Traveller (as opposed to the
free-access discussion boards). The Moot is a voluntary membership scheme
(used in the British sense) and proceeds fund such things as bandwidth for

The direct link to subscribe is here:


Among the many benefits of Moot membership are:

I (Marc) will send out a Patent of Nobility card for the appropriate rank
(Peer will receive a Knighthood) for a random world within the Imperium.
The system harvests your mailing address so this can be done. The worlds
awarded are truly random but taken from the Imperial canon. J

Moot members have download access to Special Supplement 4: Lost Rules
(2010). Don McKinney's compilation delves into the various rules changes
and evolutions within Traveller. It's also available on the Classic
Traveller CDROM, but not at DriveThruRPG.

443. Our continuing CDROM gets you Four CDROMs for the price of Three. We
also have some other specials (678 and 2122).

The order link is here:


We sent you this because you are part of the Traveller role-playing game
community. We don't send these emails often, and if you object we'll take
your name off the list. Just tell us. unsubscribe at farfuture.net

Marc Miller
FFE / Heartland Publishing
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