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*(there is some overlap between the Citizens list and the T5 list; if
that happened to you, please forgive the duplication).*

*I want to plug a couple of current events:*

**The Traveller: Ascension Kickstarter*

**The Traveller TShirt Sale*

**Greg Lee's Cirque Adventure books and CDROM*

*and tell you about some upcoming things:*

*New Year's Eve*

*Traveller5 Errata*

*Traveller: Ascension*

My friend and long-time Traveller person Jeff Billings has a intriguing
boardgame concept in Sergeants Miniatures Game, and he is using that
technology to explore a great era in Traveller: the exploration epoch of
the early Third Imperium in board game form.

*Here’s the concept:* The time is the very early Third Imperium, mere years
after Cleon created the revitalized empire from the cold ashes of the First
and Second. From his very hand, the Emperor has given you an Imperial
Warrant: to Explore, Expand, and Exploit a new sector of the galaxy, for
the glory of the Emperor, the Imperium… and for your own glory and fame as
well. You lead a unique Faction, distinguished by specific and unique
interests, abilities, and strengths depending on the people and businesses
you represent.

We invite you to look at their Kickstarter and, if it works for you,
support them.


(I’m jealous: its just been named a Kickstarter Staff Pick.)

*Traveller T-Shirts*

Many of you have expressed interest in Traveller TShirts, and we have said
in various messages that we would do a special production run of shirts in
the Fall. Now Fall is here, and its time to do just that.

We have set up a Special Order Page for TShirts at


Our choices this time around are:

4518th Lift Infantry Shirt

Traveller5 Referee Shirt

Traveller5 Player Shirt

(and new!) I Died During Character Generation

(and also new!) Traveller Red Shirt.

Our goal is to close this off November 30, so we can order and ship by December

*New Year's Eve*

We had an online party last year; we're planning on another one this year
with news, drawings, prizes, and discussions. We'll have more as we get
closer: we plan on it early in the evening so you can still party at

*Cirque de Sirkas: *Touring the Spinward Marches in Traveller5

Cirque is a complete campaign resource for Traveller5, approved by Marc W.
Miller and timed to come out after delivery of T5 to the masses.  New
referees and experienced referees alike will adventure in twenty systems
from Rhylanor to Regina.  The "Entertainer" profession is highlighted, but
there's plenty of room for characters from the more traditional professions.

Designer Greg Lee has it on sale here:


*Traveller5 Errata*

The current errata for the Traveller5 Core Rules is posted at:


and also here:


We are at work interpolating these corrections and revisions into the
electronic text, and every current recipient will receive the revised text
though DriveThruRPG. The CDROM will be available as well under our CDROM
update policy: free with an order, or alone for a nominal shipping charge.

Marc Miller
FFE / Heartland Publishing
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