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New for *Traveller*:

*Imperiallines:* *The Traveller Newsletter*. Our governing concept is *Rules
Examples* and *Walk-Thru*s that demonstrate how the *Traveller5* rules work
and can be used to best advantage. In this first issue (the text also
explains why it starts with Issue 6), we take a starport crowd image
from *Classic
Traveller* (JTAS 7, page 34) and proceed to define the native Intelligent
Life on Regina in the Spinward Marches.


*16cm Limited Edition Resin Beowulf*

A resin-cast detailed model of Traveller’s iconic Free Trader Beowulf,
available painted or unpainted.


*Traveller20 CDROM*

The Traveller D20 system titles all compiled on one CDROM: 11 Game Books, 9
Travellers’ Aid Supplements, 9 EPIC adventures, and a set of support


 *Traveller: 2013 CDROM*

The third edition of Twilight: 2000, including the core rules and all of
the published game materials for Studio 93’s Twilight: 2013 (totaling 630


*Our Continuing 443 Offer*

Buy Four CDROMs and we will rebate one; you get Four for the price of
Three. Pick any four CDROMs (and that includes our Challenge Magazine
DVD-ROM) and we’ll rebate one of them (the Challenge if you include one).


*The Discussion Boards:*

The place to talk about Traveller in all its forms: You are already
registered, and we encourage you to upgrade to a Moot membership.


Marc Miller
FFE / Heartland Publishing
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