[CotI] Greetings from Far Future Enterprises!

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Sun Aug 9 11:29:08 EDT 2015

Thank you for your continued support for us and our line of role-playing
games: Traveller, Twilight, 2300 AD, and Dark Conspiracy. This is a brief


For our Traveller5 Kickstarter backers and through who have bought the
Traveller5 CDROM, we sent out in mid-July a coupon for the comprehensive
updated Traveller5 dot 09 PDF (the email came from DriveThruRPG). Many of
you have redeemed your coupon; some of you didn’t get it because of changed
emails or spam filters.

If you didn’t get it, please tell me.


We are running a continuing sale on our CDROMS at


Basically, buy four CDROMs and we rebate the cost of one: we call it our
443 sale. We apply the rebate automatically; no need to tell us or anything.


Our friends at SnarfQuest are running a kickstarter for Larry Elmore’s
point-and-click adventure.


Take a look, please.

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