[CotI] The Emperor's Birthday August 29

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Thu Aug 27 11:59:23 EDT 2015

We annually celebrate Marc Miller's Birthday as the Emperor's Birthday on
August 29. Some of you have participated in years past, but we're going to
expand it this year:

If you are so moved, send Birthday Greetings to the Emperor (and Marc) to

Subject Line: Happy Birthday!

farfuture at gmail.com

Be sure to include your snail mail mailing address so it can be cut and
pasted on a label. In the past, the Emperor has expressed his appreciation
in the form of something something by return mail, sometimes a barony or a

This year, it will be an MCG Medal for Conspicuous Gallantry or similar.

Shameless pitch:

The bandwidth for the Citizens of the Imperium discussion boards is
dependent on your support:

we encourage you to register (if not are not already) here:


If you are registered, we encourage you to upgrade to the Moot here:

(you have to be registered first)

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