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If you backed our *Traveller5* Kickstarter (or if you bought *Traveller5*
since then), we have sent you a coupon from DriveThruRPG for the updated
Traveller5 dot 09. If you have not received it, please tell me at
farfuture at gmail.com (your contact email may have changed).

If you have not yet gotten *Traveller5*, we now have it as a Download on



*Our 443 Special*

We have a continuing special: Order four CDROMs from our web site and we’ll
rebate one when we ship.


Our 16 CDROMs include: Classic Traveller, JTAS, FASA Traveller, Judges
Guild Traveller, MegaTraveller, The New Era-1, The New Era-2, Traveller4,
Traveller D20, Twilight version-1, Twilight version-2, Twilight: 2013, 2300
AD, Challenge Magazine, Dark Conspiracy 1st Ed, Dark Conspiracy 2nd Ed.


*Spinward Traveller (The TV Pilot) Premiere at GenCon July 30.*

The Spinward Traveller TV Pilot gets its first full showing at GenCon July
30. At that event, D20 Entertainment is raffling off the original Fred
Fields painting ($4,500 value) of their Spinward Traveller movie poster:
those in the raffle are Kickstarter Spinward Traveller pledges of $100 or
more, and those who order the full color 24 x 36 poster itself. That’s a
1-in-230 chance to win. Offer ends July 29.



*Bundle of Holding*

Allen Varney is running a special on *Classic Traveller* with everything
you need for a *Classic Traveller* campaign.



*Pick From 417 Downloadable Titles:*

Traveller, Twilight: 2000, 2300 AD, Dark Conspiracy, and more!

We have one of the largest collections of role-playing titles on
DriveThruRPG: so large (417 titles) in fact, that it’s hard to know exactly
what you want or where to find it. We have made it easier than ever with
our Official Guides: a single comprehensive list of the titles in our
collections and overviews of the game systems.



*Buried Down Here At The Bottom*

We have a great support plan for Traveller5: I was just reviewing it with
several of our "Advisory Council." Adventures, Deckplans, Supplements,
things that will make playing a session faster and easier. Watch in the
next several months for more news.

And, I want to say how much I appreciate the support we get from all of
you. Thank you.

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