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*In This Email:*

*The Traveller Novel on Kickstarter*

*Traveller T-Shirts*

*The Traveller Christmas Sale*

*443 Sale*

*Our Guides*

*Traveller, Twilight, 2300 AD, and more!*

*The Traveller Novel*

I have always wanted to show my vision of the Traveller universe in a
fiction format: from the earliest days of role-playing (that would be the
late 1970’s, for those of you who are counting), the thought of a
sprawling, star-spanning adventure through the Imperium has been there in
the back (and sometimes the front) of my mind. With the completion of the
Traveller5 core rules, and with all of its concepts fresh in my mind, the
inspiration came to me in a flash this past June, and it has been pouring
from my fingertips ever since.

Come visit our Kickstarter page, look it over, and then back us to see this
Traveller novel.

and thanks for your support.




*Traveller T-Shirts*

Many of you have expressed interest in Traveller TShirts, and we have said
in various messages that we would do a special production run of shirts in
the Fall. Now Fall is here, and its time to do just that.

We have set up a Special Order Page for TShirts at


Our choices this time around are:

** 4518th Lift Infantry Shirt

** Traveller5 Referee Shirt

** Traveller5 Player Shirt

** I Died During Character Generation

(and also new!)

** Traveller Imperial Dreadnaught Lioness Red Shirt.

These shirts are priced with shipping paid in the US, and a minimal
surcharge for shipping to Canada, Europe, Asia, or Australia.

Our goal is to close this off November 30, so we can order and ship by
December 15.


*The Traveller Christmas Bonus*

Every order between now and December 31 receives our Christmas bonus: the
Red-White-And-Blue Traveller dice. For the USA, we call it our Patriotic
Die (and we think it also applies to the UK and even France). If you are
not from one of these locations, then it's just a nice limited edition die.
We include one with each book or CDROM you order.

You get the bonus automatically with an order.


*Our 443 Sale*

We have a continuing special: Order four CDROMs from our web site and we’ll
rebate one when we ship.


Our 16 CDROMs include: Classic Traveller, JTAS, FASA Traveller, Judges
Guild Traveller, MegaTraveller, The New Era-1, The New Era-2, Traveller4,
Traveller D20, Twilight version-1, Twilight version-2, Twilight: 2013, 2300
AD, Challenge Magazine, Dark Conspiracy 1st Ed, Dark Conspiracy 2nd Ed.


*Our Guides*

We have a great set of guides to our role-playing game systems, filled with
lists and information.



*Traveller, Twilight, 2300 AD, and more!*

We have one of the largest collections of role-playing materials available
at DriveThruRPG: so large (417 titles) in fact, that it's hard to know
exactly what you want or where to find it. Now, we have made it easier than
ever with our Official Guides: a single comprehensive list of the titles in
our collections and overviews of the game systems.




We recently released the PDF for Traveller5 dot 09. You should have
received an email and a link, but some of you missed it, or your email has
changed. If you bought the Traveller5 Hardcopy, or the CDROM, or the
Traveller5 Beta CDROM, then you are eligible for the 5.09 PDF. If you
didn't get it, please tell me, and I will send you a DriveThruRPG coupon.

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