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*Traveller T-Shirts*

Many of you have expressed interest in Traveller TShirts, and we have said
in various messages that we would do a special production run of shirts in
the Fall. Now Fall is here, and its time to do just that.

We have set up a Special Order Page for TShirts at


Our choices this time around are:

*4518th Lift Infantry Shirt

*Traveller5 Referee Shirt

*Traveller5 Player Shirt

*I Died During Character Generation

(and also new!)

*Traveller Imperial Dreadnaught Lioness Red Shirt.

Our goal is to close this off November 30, so we can order and ship by
December 15.


*The Traveller Christmas Sale*

Every order between now and December 31 receives our Christmas bonus: our
pack of two Traveller Dice (one is White with Red Sunburst and Green
Number; the other is White with Green Sunburst and Red Number).

Shirts get a different bonus :).

If you order more than two items (Books, CDROMs, we increase the number of
dice in proportion).

You get the bonus automatically.


Finally, thank you to those of you who have supported our Traveller Novel
Kickstarter. If you have not yet, we invite you to come look it over.

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