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** NEW CDROM: Traveller HERO.*

** NEW CDROM: Traveller Apocrypha-3- The Lost Supplements.*

* Our *443 Sale (Buy 4 for the Price of Three).*

* Mongoose *Traveller RPG SUITE!*

* Dark Conspiracy *Gear Up!* at DriveThruRPG.

* FREE Ebook: *The Science Fiction In Traveller* (Free Download).


*CDROM Traveller HERO*

*CDROM Traveller Apocrypha-3 The Lost Supplements*

We have just launched two new CDROMs for Traveller.

*Traveller HERO* is the set of titles created for the HERO system for
*Traveller*, now collected on one disk.

*Traveller Aprocrypha-3 The Lost Supplements *is a special collection of
*Traveller* titles. The Cargonaut titles are a series of manuscripts either
unpublished, or published in very small numbers. *Cargonaut* published them
in paper with a limited run of 500 copies, and they are now collected on
this disk. Also included are the set of eight *Marischal short adventu*res
by the Keith Brothers, and the 13-issue run of *The Traveller Chronicle* by
Sword of the Knight.


*On this order point, click on the image of the specific CDROM cover for a
PDF of the contents.*


*Traveller RPG Suite*

Build and play Mongoose 2nd Edition Traveller Characters with software from
RPG SUITE!  The Traveller Character Generator (CG), available to try for
free <http://rpgsuite.com/shop/traveller-character-generator-tcg/>,
provides all the fun of the character generation mini-game with none of the
page flipping or drudgery.

The Digital Character Sheet
<http://rpgsuite.com/shop/digital-character-sheet-dcs/> (CS) will take that
character, and breathe life into it!  Not only can you buy equipment, track
combat, deal damage, take damage, handle healing, roll/adjust/add skills,
modify your stats, review and edit your entire career history, keep notes,
and make journal entries.

*www.rpgsuite.com <http://www.rpgsuite.com>*


*Ebook: The Science Fiction In Traveller (Free Download)*

We asked award-winning reviewer Shannon Appelcline to look at the range of
fiction for Traveller from the past 30 years. His no-punches-pulled reviews
give insights into which fiction to reach and which not. The *Science-Fiction
In Traveller* is available on iBooks and Kindle (with a price), but we have
it posted on Drive ThruRPG free through April 15.

(free link through April 15) The Science Fiction In Traveller –


We have returned to availability two recent *Traveller* novels: Robert
Vardeman’s *Fate of the Kinunir*, and Martin J. Dougherty’s *Shadow of the
Storm* on iBooks, Kindle, and DriveThruRPG.



*Our 443 Sale*

*We have a continuing special:* Order four CDROMs from our web site and
we’ll rebate one when we ship.


Our 19 CDROMs include: Classic Traveller, JTAS, FASA Traveller, Judges
Guild Traveller, The Lost Supplements (NEW!), MegaTraveller, The New Era-1,
The New Era-2, Traveller4, Traveller D20, Traveller HERO (NEW!), Traveller
5th Edition, Twilight version-1, Twilight version-2, Twilight: 2013, 2300
AD, Challenge Magazine, Dark Conspiracy 1st Edition, Dark Conspiracy 2nd


Our Guides

We have a great set of guides to our role-playing game systems, filled with
lists and information.




We recently released the PDF for Traveller5 dot 09. If you bought the
Traveller5 Hardcopy, or the CDROM, or the Traveller5 Beta CDROM, then you
are eligible for the 5.09 PDF. If you didn't get it, please tell me, and I
will send you a DriveThruRPG coupon.

You may wonder why I keep running this particular piece. One reason is that
when I run it, more people email me to say they have not received it (spam
filters, moved, or whatever). If that applies to you, please tell me you
have not yet received it, and we'll send you a link.


For Dark Conspiracy: Gear Up!

Equipment for Dark Conspiracy

*The Shop.* The one that friends talk about, the one just outside
Dreamland. The one that always seems to have just what you need. This is
the detailed description of The Shop and its contents.

The shops contents is cataloged in 106 pages of text and 32 pages of index
across thirty-to categories, including: Armor, Clothing, Black Bag
Equipment, Communications Gear, Computers, Courier Gear, Camping Gear,
Climbing Gear, Hunting Gear, Snow Gear, Survival Gear, Water and Underwater
Gear, Fuel, Hazardous Duty, Kits, Light / Illumination, Lodging / Food /
Alcohol, Luggage, Manuals and Books, Medical, Miscellaneous, Non Lethal
Weapons, Optics, Police Gear, Security, Services, Sports Equipment,
Surveillance, Tools,  Weapons Accessories.

For Dark Conspiracy, First Edition.

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