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Wed Aug 17 01:31:53 EDT 2016

I appreciate the support that many of you have given to the Agent of the
Imperium project, and I am asking for more of that support in the current
awards cycle.

Basically, DragonCon has established a new award set that may (or may not,
time will tell) rival the Hugos.  Agent of the Imperium has made it to
their final nominee list, thanks entirely to the army of Traveller backers
out there.

That slate of nominees is being voted on through August 29 (or so; that’s
my birthday). So, I am asking you to vote.

Anyone can vote. You; your spouse or significant other; your family; your
gaming friends. Anyone. But, quite rightly, only once per person.

The (complex) process is apparently intended to weed out robots and the
faint of heart. It has three steps:

A. Go to the website and enter your name and email, check a box that
verifies you accept the rules, and copy a code number into a space. They
promise they won't spam you or sell your email.


B. They send you an email to which you must respond in order to confirm you
wanted to register. But you are not done yet.

C. They will send you a survey in an email (about a day later), and THAT is
the voting ballot.

Thanks for your help. I genuinely appreciate it.

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