[CotI] I am asked my for you support for the Dragon Award and Agent of the Imperium

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Sat Aug 27 00:05:26 EDT 2016

Agent of the Imperium is one of six finals sets for the newly created
Dragon Award for Best Science Fiction Novel.

And everyone (fan or not, reader or not) can vote. But to vote you need to
register, confirm, and then vote the ballots they send you. And
registration closes midnight August 28 (while voting ends midnight August

The signup and voting are free, and they promise no spam will follow.

 it if you’d take the time now to register that vote. As I wrote before,
it's a very easy

I am actively asking for your vote for Agent of the Imperium, and I
sincerely appreciate your support.

Here's the place to start the process:


And I thank you for your support...

Marc Miller

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