[CotI] Brief notes for everyone from Traveller, Far Future, and GDW.

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Tue Feb 2 10:38:20 EST 2016

Brief notes for everyone from Traveller, Far Future, and GDW.

** We’re planning several new CDROM compilations in the coming months,
including a collection of the JTAS from GURPS for 2000-2015 (now all in one
place) and a Traveller HERO CDROM (and a couple others). We’ll have an
announcement in March.

** Agent of the Imperium is getting excellent reviews, and if you have not
yet read it, you should. It’s on Kindle, and DriveThru. The printed copies
are literally at the printer and will be here in March. We were able to add
a nice touch: a fold-out at the back with a map of the Imperium for easy

** Chuck Gannon has some great ideas in his Caine Riordan series. If you
haven’t read this story line, you should.


** Distant Realms is doing a Kickstarter for their fantasy gazetteer now in
its last three days: The continent of Leviathan on the world of Atuannu.
Originally populated by Elves, Dwarves, Halflings, and Cats, the races of
Leviathan discovered ancient Man on Earth before the great Flood.


** Our Continuing 443 Sale covers all of our CDROMs at www. farfuture.net.
Buy any FOUR CDROMs and we rebate the price of one. Our rebate is
automatic. You get 4 four the price of 3.

** Finally, I was inducted into the ranks of the Science Fiction Writers of
America in December based on their requirements that a candidate write a
novel (or some combinations of other works). I have been a science fiction
writer since GDW published Triplanetary in 1973, but with Agent of the
Imperium I finally wrote something that fit their template. J
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