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     Bundle of Holding for Classic Traveller

     The Traveller Novel

     Our Guides to downloads at DriveThruRPG.

     Traveller, Twilight, 2300 AD, and more!


*The Traveller Novel – Agent of the Imperium*

Our Traveller Kickstarter for the novel Agent of the Imperium was wildly
successful. Our Backers have received their copies, and we are advancing to
wider audiences. It is now available on iBooks, Kindle, and as a PDF for


Printed copies (and an audiobook) are coming in March 2016.


The Classic Traveller Bundle of Holding

This is actually two Bundles: a revival of our previous Bundle (in case you
missed it) and a new one with new content.


STARTER COLLECTION NEW (US$7.95 - retail value $54)

      TWO supplements (total retail $6). (S03 The Spinward Marches, S04
Citizens of the Imperium)

      SEVEN adventures ($28). (A00 The Imperial Fringe, A01 Kinunir, A02
Research Station Gamma, A03 Twilight's Peak, A04 Leviathan, A07 Broadsword,
A08 Prison Planet),

      EIGHT Double Adventures ($20). (D01a Annic Nova, D01b Shadows, D02a
Across the Bright Face, D02b Mission on Mithril, D03a Argon Gambit, D03b
Death Station, D04a Marooned, D04b Marooned Alone)

BONUS COLLECTION (threshold starts at $16.95 - retail value $51)

      THREE more supplements ($9). (S06 76 Patrons, S07 Traders and
Gunboats, S10: The Solomani Rim)

      FOUR more adventures ($16). (A10 Safari Ship, A11 Murder on Arcturus
Station, A12 Secret of the Ancients, A13 Signal GK).

      SEVEN more Double Adventures ($18). (D05a Chamax Plague, D05b Horde,
D06a Divine Intervention, D06b Night of Conquest, D07a Plague of Perruques,
D07b Stranded on Arden, D08 Memory Alpha)

      FOUR Special Supplements ($8). (SS01 Merchant Prince, SS02 Exotic
Atmospheres, SS03 Missiles, SS03a Missiles Revised, SS04 The Lost Rules)

STARTER COLLECTION RERUN ($6.95 - retail value $33):

      Traveller B01-03 (1981 editions) ($12). + SS4 The Lost Rules ($2). +
Spinward Marches and Imperium maps

      S08 and S11 Library Data A-M and N-Z ($8). S01 1001 Characters ($3).
S02 Animal Encounters ($3). S12 Forms & Charts ($3). Orientation Pack [free]

   BONUS COLLECTION (threshold starts at $14.95 - retail value $38+)

      B04 Mercenary ($4). B05 High Guard (1980) ($4). B06 Scouts ($4). B07
Merchant Prince ($4). B08 Robots ($4). S05 Lightning Class Cruisers. S09
Fighting Ships ($3). S13 Veterans ($3). A05 Trillion Credit Squadron ($4).
A06 Expedition to Zhodane ($4).   A09 Nomads of the World-Ocean ($4)


Our Guides

We have a great set of guides to our role-playing game systems, filled with
lists and information.



Traveller, Twilight, 2300 AD, and more!

We have one of the largest collections of role-playing materials available
at DriveThruRPG: so large (417 titles) in fact, that it's hard to know
exactly what you want or where to find it. Now, we have made it easier than
ever with our Official Guides: a single comprehensive list of the titles in
our collections and overviews of the game systems.




We recently released the PDF for Traveller5 dot 09. You should have
received an email and a link, but some of you missed it, or your email has
changed. If you bought the Traveller5 Hardcopy, or the CDROM, or the
Traveller5 Beta CDROM, then you are eligible for the 5.09 PDF. If you
didn't get it, please tell me, and I will send you a DriveThruRPG coupon.

You may wonder why I keep running this particular piece. One reason is that
when I run it, more people email me to say they have not received it (spam
filters, moved, or whatever). If that applies to you, please tell me you
have not yet received it.
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