[CotI] GURPS Traveller and brief notes for everyone from Traveller, Far Future, and GDW.

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Wed Jul 6 18:32:10 EDT 2016

*** GURPS Traveller Bundle of Holding: *a great way to get basic books
within the *GURPS Traveller *series.


*** Agent of the Imperium DragonCon Award Nomination: *we’re asking readers
to nominate *Agent of the Imperium* for the *Dragon Award* for Best SF
Novel. Nominations may be made from now until July 25, 2016.



*** The Science-Fiction of Traveller (ebook):* a great overview of the
science-fiction literature that shaped *Traveller* (and was written for


*** Traveller Apocrypha-3 CDROM: *Essentially all of the *Lost Supplements*
from early 2001, and not readily available to players and fans until now.


** And Upcoming: a sequel to *Agent of the Imperium*, and a parallel novel
series by Greg Lee (more news on this soon).
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