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Here’s the latest news for *Traveller*, including a free download link from

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But first, as a doting Grandfather, I want to point out that my grandson’s
band, the *Way Down Wanderers,* is in a songwriting competition. I invite
you to listen to  their song—“Dead Birds”—and if you like it, give it a
vote. (or skip down to the ** for the rest of this message).

Go to this link:


Pick Americana (second line, on the left)

Then find The Way Down Wanderers (five lines down), and click the thumbs up
to the right.

You'll need to give your email and check the Not-A-Robot box.

You can vote once a day, please come back and vote again?

Thanks! Marc

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We posted an update on the *Traveller* Novel—*Agent of the Imperium*—on
Kickstarter. If you are a backer, you already received an email; if not,
look and see what the back-of-the-book foldout looks like.


*The Science Fiction In Traveller*

We asked award-winning reviewer Shannon Appelcline to look at the range of
fiction for *Traveller* from the past 30 years. His no-punches-pulled
reviews give insights into which fiction to reach and which not. *The
Science-Fiction In Traveller* is available on iBooks and Kindle (with a
price), but we have it posted on Drive ThruRPG free through April 15.

(free link through April 15) *The Science Fiction In Traveller* --


We have returned to availability two recent *Traveller* novels: Robert
Vardeman’s *Fate of the Kinunir*, and Martin J. Dougherty’s *Shadow of the
Storm* on iBooks, Kindle, and DriveThruRPG.

*Shadow of the Storm ---*


*Fate of the Kinunir ---*


And finally, if you have not yet read *Agent of the Imperium*, we have a
link below. Chuck Gannon reviewed it:

*Agent of the Imperium --*


            “Marc Miller’s *Agent of the Imperium* is, technically, a debut
novel. It is also, technically, a novel based in a game universe, that of
the most famous SF rpg of all time: *Traveller*.

            But here’s the take-away: it doesn’t feel like either one.

            I could talk about this novel for a long time, but marketing
wisdom says I should keep my remarks short, so I will adopt the most
streamlined review format of all: bullet points. So here's what you should
know about An Agent of the Imperium; it--

            *  does not, most wondrously, read at all like game-tie-in
fiction. It reads as a wholly developed universe with a compelling and
often arresting protagonist, deftly blended by the craft of a master

            *  does not announce itself as a debut novel, which, as a
class, tend to gush earnestness while lacking polish, consistency of
dramatic direction, and structural economy. Not this one. Marc’s narrative
voice is extremely polished and he handles the introduction and backstory
of his protagonist with the ease and surety of a seasoned pro. Which is no
mean feat, given the unique nature of his protagonist (no details because:
no spoilers)

            * is unlike most gaming (or media) tie-in novels, which usually
evince one or more of the following disappointing features: they presume a
great deal of fan knowledge about the universe; they are written as
fan-service celebrations of the hallmarks of the game’s places, persons,
and typical action; they keep characterization and complexity to a minimum
in their attempt to give the reader a sense of “narrativized gameplay”
rather than the creation of a true, standalone novel. *Agent of the
Imperium* does NONE of these things, and instead blazes fascinating and
often chilling new ground in one of the most familiar and beloved SF
settings in the genre. Whereas many authors, particularly first-time
novelists, might give in to the reassuring temptation (and narrative
wheel-house) of falling back upon the well-trodden main paths of the
underlying game, Marc Miller sets off to unfold yet another undiscovered
country in the greater Traveller universe—and succeeds resoundingly.

            I have only one significant criticism of Marc Miller’s first
foray into novel writing: that he took so blasted long to do it.

            So, this was supposed to be a blurb, the sort of comment that
an author can put on the front or back of a novel. I couldn’t do that
here—because there are just too many wonderful things to say about Marc
Miller’s An Agent of the Imperium.

            But don’t believe me; pick up a copy and see for yourself.

                        -- *Charles E. Gannon.* Nebula-nominated author of
the *Caine Riordan* series.
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