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 (cross posted to the T5 list; you may get two copies of this).

I find it hard to do day-to-day progress reports, and I realize that that
often devolves less rather than more. So here, at least, are my thoughts on
progress as of October 1.

Sadly our loss of Don McKinney hurt the errata project, and I am amazed
that it is already almost a year since he died. The project continued, and
I have hopes that all existing errata will upgrade T5 dot 09 to a true 5.10
at approximately the turn of the new year.

Agent of the Imperium emerged as my primary project in June of 2015, and it
has occupied a lot of my time over the past year, writing, and promoting
primarily. I am currently (three nights a week) doing the audio book
version and I hope to see it out in December.

I am also working with Greg Lee and his Traveller novel: Cirque. I have
read it (and I love it); he has a way with words and with telling us parts
of the Traveller universe that I want to know more about.

2017 is the 40th Anniversary of Traveller and we hope to have some exciting
things through the course of the year:

*The 5.1 revision of the Traveller5 Core Rules, including “dead tree”

*A couple of adventures in Imperiallines that really reveal more of what we
all want to see.

*A player book to supplement to Core Rules.

*A glorious coffee table book (more or less at 8.5 x 11) with traveller
starships (and words to support them).

*A Traveller card game to share Traveller adventures with your more casual

*A sequel to the Agent of the Imperium: I want to carry the story from the
end of Agent in 736 to 850 or so. Look up what happens in that time span
for an idea of what I want to cover.

*A novel by Greg Lee, Cirque: The Usual Suspects, covering events leading
to and through the Fifth Frontier War, as well as the beginnings of an odd
little interstellar circus.

*Traveller miniatures.

*Products from Mongoose by Robert Eaglestone and Michael J. Dougherty to
supplement and expressly dovetail descriptions of the run-up to the Fifth
Frontier War between the Classic Traveller materials, Mongoose, and T5.

*And I will be a guest at GameHoleCon is Madison Wisconsin the weekend of
November 4-5-6. If you around there then, I would love to talk to you.

There is more, but I think this is enough for a progress report for the

Finally, I want to express how much I appreciate your support over the
months and years and even decades. Traveller is a great endeavor and I am
so grateful for all of your participation and feedback.

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