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Fri Sep 16 11:51:24 EDT 2016

We produce a custom order of TShirts every year just before Christmas, and
we’re doing it again this year. We have a special order page here:


AND, this year we have added something I have wanted to do for a while now:
a 4518th Lift Infantry Challenge Coin.

So I’ll start with the 4518th: the 1-1/2 inch diameter coin features the
4518th crest in full color on one side, and Norris’ unicorn inside an
Imperial Sunburst on the reverse.

It is possible for us to serially number these coins, and so we did, with
the numbers doled out randomly as orders are filled. We have created an
organization chart which equates each such number with a position in the
unit. When you get your individual coin, it is possible to equate it with a
specific rank and responsibility.

We have produced a roster of the officers and NCOs of the 4518th here:


First, all coins reflect someone higher than ordinary troops (that is,
enlisted Marines are at least S3 Sergeant). If this is going to be a
character, perhaps the coin reflects some earlier point in his or her

Second, and just for fun, we have supplemented the roster with added five
reserve battalions to the 4518th:

Seventh Reserve Battalion (Vargr Infantry)

Eighth Reserve Battalion PKF

Ninth Reserve Battalion (Amindii Lift Infantry)

Tenth Reserve Battalion (Jump Troops)

Eleventh Reserve Battalion (Anti-Psionic)

I am, however, reserving the first ten coins for the Duke (himself, his
seneschal Arrghlanroughl, the Lady Seldrian, and a few trusted advisors).

In any case, here is the order point for TShirts and the 4518th Challenge

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