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One reason for backing the *Grognard* Kickstarter project is to see the
compilation of Loren Wiseman’s editorials from the *Journal of the
Travellers’ Aid Society*. I think they are witty and insightful, and just
loads of fun reading.

Hidden in the Rewards section is something else: the full (and previously
unavailable) set of the *JTAS OnLine* from Steve Jackson Games: each issue
had (usually) 4 articles, or reviews, or adventures, or pre-generated
characters, for *Traveller*. From 2000 though 2015, JTAS came out (like
clock-work) every two weeks, so that is more than 400 issues. That’s more
than just the editorials: it is all of the articles.

And there’s more! You can pick a reward with the full run of JTAS from GDW
24 separate issues, plus 12 more in Challenge Magazine, AND the full run of
Challenge Magazine (52 separate issues). The GDW JTAS and Challenge are PDF
scans of the originals (they, after all, date from before the electronic

For non-USA readers, I point out that all of this stuff (more than a
gigabyte; too big for a reasonable download) comes on a USB, which can go
by mail in an envelope (thus without customs forms and the chance of
customs duties).

The Kickstarter is here:


Thanks for looking,

Marc Miller
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