[CotI] News and Stuff For Traveller Feb 2017

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News and Stuff For Traveller

We periodically send out things we think are interesting or important. Here
is our February batch.


Jolly Blackburn posted this the other day:

“It'll be several issues before it appears but expect a SpaceHack arc in
Knights of the Dinner Table this year.”

Remember analogies from the SAT? SpaceHack is to _____ as Hackmaster is to

Jolly himself says the answer is Traveller.


Chuck Gannon’s newest novel in the Caine Riordan series is just out. I like
his work a lot, and the best seller lists are biased to sales on the first
week of availability. At least look at the Amazon listing (please):



And if you have not read Agent of the Imperium, it is available at Amazon
on Kindle or in print.


By the Way, if you backed the Kickstarter, we are currently working on the
Audiobook, and expect it will be out in April? All Kickstarter backers will
get a coupon for the Audiobook when it comes out.


Finally, we have several new CDROMs for various Traveller materials: GURPS,
The Lost Supplements, Traveller HERO, and others, all at:

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