[CotI] Please Nominate Caine’s Mutiny for The Dragon Award

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Fri Jul 7 10:42:53 EDT 2017

I just did this myself: and it's a sort of cumbersome process. But Chuck is
a loyal Traveller guy from way back (he wrote *Hard Times* for
*MegaTraveller*), and his new book: Caine’s Mutiny shows the Traveller
influences on him.

So: The Dragon Awards. Conferred at Dragoncon, they are science fiction’s
and fantasy’s only major award which does not require you to pay a fee or
have a membership. All you need is an email address to nominate your
favorite books, films, and games by category. BTW, to be clear, I am not
promoting them over or in lieu of other awards. Rather, I see them as an
important addition to the Hugos and Nebulas, providing yet another unique
venue in which our genre’s diverse voices may be heard. The deadline for
nominations is July 23/24.

So, above and beyond everything else, go to the webpage and vote for your
favorites, whichever books those happen to be!

Of course, like so many other authors of novels in our genre, I have an
eligible work this year, too. *Caine’s Mutiny* is one of the books up for
consideration. It is the fourth book in the Caine Riordan series, but,
*unlike* most of the prior novels, *Caine’s Mutiny* is straight up MILITARY
science fiction.

So if you feel that *Caine’s Mutiny* is worthy of being nominated in the
military sf category, I would be both delighted and honored if you are
disposed to follow the link below and let your opinion be heard.


In closing, I reiterate: whichever books, games, films happen to be your
favorites, go vote and add your two cents to SF/F’s most inclusive award
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