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The Great Rift

I found that I have used “On the edge of the Great Rift” to convey the
rural boondocks of the Imperium. Agent of the Imperium does this several

“I made the excuse that I was from the edge of the Great Rift…” to excuse
an unfamiliarity with current events at Capital.

“*Medugar*, one of *Shigig’*s sisters which I knew by records was assigned
to the edge of the Great Rift, and specifically not associated with the
Spinward Marches.” Speaking of a ship whose credentials would be hard to
challenge because it is based so far away.

“… idyllic Uiolksdah, a mere seventeen direct parsecs from Vland itself,
yet half way into the Great Rift and rarely visited by any but
home-returning natives and a few passing traders.” Conveying the remoteness
of the region.

Now Mongoose is creating the definitive work on the region:

We are very proud to announce the Kickstarter for the *Great* *Rift* *and
Deep Space Exploration* box set for the *Traveller RPG* is now live - come
and join us!


   This project has been very close to our hearts: we have prepared to
explore one of the most mysterious areas of the Official Traveller universe
- the Great Rift. Penned by fan-favourite *M J Dougherty,* this box set
details not only the sectors of the Great Rift but also provides a
comprehensive guide to deep space exploration and the mysteries that can be
found far from theshipping lanes.

      Want to know what is in the empty hexes of a sector map?
      Want to know what happens when a Free Trader gets too close to a
black hole (we have some excellent art for that!)?

This box set will have all the answers: We are working on the *Great* *Rift*
 box set right now, and already have some preview materials to show you -
new ships, maps and sample chapters - all of which can be seen/downloaded
from the link above. We'll have regular updates throughout theKickstarter
process, showing you exactly what new text and artwork is being created,
and giving you all the chance to influence this exciting new box set.
Come visit this part of the Far Future - it's going to be a lot of fun!

from Marc Miller. Thanks for listening.
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