[CotI] Bundle of Holding For Traveller 20 (and other news from FFE)

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Tue Mar 21 11:24:48 EDT 2017

Bundle of Holding has just started a bundle with much of the Traveller
D20/T20 line: the core rulebook (and the D20 System Reference Document
SRD-3), the player's handbook, vehicle and equipment guides, starship deck
plans, and lots of setting material. It's everything you need for a
complete campaign in the Gateway Domain using the Traveller20 or Classic
Traveller rules.

Each ebook is in .PDF (Portable Document Format), with NO DRM (Digital
Restrictions Management). You can move them freely through all of your

You can see the Bundle here:



Agent of the Imperium update: Last night, we completed the recording for
the audiobook version of Agent of the Imperium. We have been working with a
local studio—Bombsight Studios—and they have done a wonderful job. Within
about a month, we expect we will have the final audiobook available, with
links or DTRPG coupons going out to those who have it coming. I’ll have
more on this as we get closer.


Two other items I want to mention:

Matt Adcock’s new space themed album: Odyssey, is out on iTunes:



I encountered this space navy series from H. Paul Honsinger: the Man Of War

You can see it here:



Thanks for listening.

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