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Sun Nov 12 10:12:51 EST 2017

This is an update on my health status. I don’t generally post it on
Facebook, but I wanted my friends to be aware.

A series of tests over the summer and fall told me that, although I had no
symptoms, I needed to have heart surgery—quadruple bypass, as it turns
out—which I had on November 3. It is now two weeks later and I am much
better. Not yet 100%, but much better. I expect to continue to improve for
the next several weeks.

I am not in pain, and I am supported by and surrounded by family and

I don’t want to minimize the severity of this health crisis. Good doctors
and good treatment have lengthened my life expectancy, and helped me dodge
a genetic predisposition to dropping dead of a heart attack.

My phone and computer are filled with good wishes from many of you, and I
want to say that I have read every single message. Your thoughts and
prayers help my attitude and my outlook. I appreciate every single one of
them. Thank you.

I also appreciate your patience.

If you expect an answer or a response from me, and you have not yet seen
it, please re-email or e-message me. I am reading current communications,
and so I will probably see it sooner than when I reach back over several
weeks reviewing things.

I will be filling outstanding orders over the next week or so. If you think
I am late shipping you an order (and I am late on several), email me and I’ll
give you a response.

I still plan on shipping the 4518th LI and 154th BR Challenge Coins by
about mid-month (15-20 Nov).

I still plan on sending out the Grognard ebook by end-of month.

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