[CotI] Lost Signals of the Terran Republic Kickstarter

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Wed Nov 15 11:09:04 EST 2017

Yesterday, I backed a Kickstarter by Chuck Gannon for his:

*Lost Signals of the Terran Republic* (Caine Riordan)
Previously untold tales of intrigue and action set in a three-time
Nebula-nominated universe--written by pro writers who are also fans!

Chuck goes back a long way with *GDW* and *Traveller:* he wrote *Hard Times*
 for *MegaTraveller* in 1991, and he was a frequent contributor to the

His most recent work is an sf series about Caine Riordan and the Terran
This specific book is an anthology set int at universe, written by an
exclectic mix of many great writers, and I am looking forward to it.
So, I also invite you look at the project.


Thanks for looking...

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