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We are in the midst of our annual special order campaign: TShirts and
Challenge coins.

There’s a page here:


The special order period ends November 1 for shipment by November 15.
Because we sequester your order from others, it uses an independent
shopping cart and cannot be combined with other orders.

There is, of course, a lot more at our site, and I encourage you to browse
at Traveller5.net.


New subject.

I was talking with some people a few days ago, and the comment was this:

“The people supporting Star Citizen, or Eve Online, or who over the years
bought various computer and online games like Elite, or Wing Commander
really want to buy Traveller.”

There are, of course, other relevant item— That FireFly and Serenity are
really just dramatizations of Joss Whedon’s Traveller campaign.

That discussion then went into some detail about what a Traveller MMORPG
would encompass, and how it would work.

I have long wanted to do a Traveller MMORPG, but when I did the planning,
it was all about raising lots of money through investors and hedge funds.
Indeed, I had long discussions and many long phone calls trying to bring in
investors for such an enterprise. Today’s Kickstarter environment changes
all of that, as I am sure you know.

And, when I look at what Star Citizen has done:  started development in
2012, raised a million dollars, and then ten million, and currently 150
million, we would have something to show for it by now.

We are looking at two different approaches (and possibly both):

An app with basically the Traveller5 trade and commerce engine in which
players move from world to world buying low and selling high; options
include exploration, and piracy (either side, actually).

An MMORPG with all the bells and whistles, characters, places, things,
ships, and whatever all set in the real Traveller universe.

Don’t get me wrong: this isn’t an announcement: its a dream being expressed
out loud to prompt discussion and to gauge interest to see what steps to
take next.

Thanks for listening. (And don’t let this second part eclipse the TShirt
and Coin announcement).

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